February 25, 2011

I've been in a funk

I'm not sleeping well thanks to a daughter who doesn't sleep well. Pretty sure that's the majority of my problem, the lack of sleep. But, I keep forging ahead thinking and hoping and praying it will get better. In the mean time, things aren't going well. My thoughts are scattered all over the place. I am continually getting things mixed up at home and at work. At home is one thing, at least I have a very understanding husband and sweet children to laugh at my mix ups or help correct me. But at work, I look like an idiot. Or at least I feel like an idiot. I know I'm not required to be perfect but this past week especially, I've messed up a lot of things. No, nothing that hurt any of my patient's or put any of them in danger. Rather, my attitude and forgetfulness of things. Ugh, I hate this feeling! The whole sleeping thing is something we are working on, which I hope will help with the forgetfulness. But the attitude, that's different. I have a few patients with terrible attitudes and I'm struggling to enjoy what I do when I work with them. I feel completely zapped of any happy feelings or joy that I used to have. I don't like my snippy, sluggish self. She sucks. I want my happy go lucky self back. But how do I get her? So frustrating! I need to go to bed. I'll think about it tomorrow.


Kara said...

Sorry you're in a funk :( Sleep really does make a huge difference. When I don't sleep well I have no patience and get really grumpy and hate it. Hope she starts sleeping better so you can get some rest.

Anonymous said...

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