February 10, 2011

What do you have?

I'm a mom, which means I have kids. I've had babies which means I own a stroller. Actually, I've owned three. The first one last through two children then the wheel broke off, literally. No way to fix it. We had an umbrella stroller that lasted awhile too. Now we have a new stroller that we bought as a jogging stroller/car seat combo. Other than being on the heavy size, it works great and folds up well. The main reason we bought it was because of the price, it was a great combo deal. We looked at others but this one fit the best for what we needed at the time. So, which one do you have? Did you do a lot of research on yours before you bought it? Or were you like us and looked around and found what fit into your price range, even if it wasn't the best quality or best name brand? Did you look at the bob revolution se? Or one of the Britax or Chicco models? There are plenty to choose from that's for sure! Options are a good thing though right. :)

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