February 10, 2011

Takes it right out of you

I was feeling totally fine this week until two days when I woke up around 5am with terrible stomach pains. I felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom only to have nothing happen for the next two hours. It was really weird because it literally came on out of no where. Strange right? My husband gave me some Pepto which after another hour or so calmed down my stomach. Of course the rest of the day I was stuck in bed and in the bathroom. :P I started to feel a little better that evening and the next morning. But a few hours prior to having to go into work, I started feeling worse. I had to take our daughter into the dr about this time too. That was hard. I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. The nurse and dr took one look at me and knew I was sicker than sick. Thankfully they were fast so we could get back home and thankfully we made it safely. I felt bad about calling into work, I was scheduled with patients back to back, but there was no way I could have functioned. So I stayed home and waited until hubby was done with class and then he let me sleep. I slept for five hours, yowza! It did help and I felt a human enough to eat something other than Gatorade. Today is a little better, I was able to work this morning. Tomorrow should be better too. Whatever it was sucked big time and I'm glad it's passed. So, I'm wishing everyone who reads this a happy and non-upset stomach day. :D

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Kara said...

Sorry you have been sick :(