February 03, 2011

He did it

My husband finally quit his job. Actually, he kind of had to. His availability was pretty limited by his school schedule and his boss needed him to work more if he was going to be able to keep him on the schedule. We had discussed him quitting before he spoke to his boss so it was pretty easy to say to keep him off the schedule permanently. My husband is just too busy with school and thankfully I have a job that pays enough for us to live on, so it was ok that he quit. He won't have to worry about Velo binding or I think it's called comb binding, anymore. No having to worry about making sure everything was taken care of before his shift was over even if it meant he had to stay late. No more having to work weekends which I think is the biggest plus out of the deal! I'm glad a weight has been lifted from his shoulders, he needed it.


Crustacean Queen said...

oh wow really? That will be nice for him to just be able to focus on school. Although I guess he still has quite a bit on his plate with life...family, church etc. That's neat that he can do that!

Beth said...

Sounds like it was a good decision! I'm glad he will be able to focus on some more important things. I'm sure it will be an adjustment for your family, but yeah, it sounds like the positives outweigh the negatives!