February 25, 2011

It was time

I have a coworker who doesn't usually have the time to watch regular TV so she watches all of her shows online. Isn't it great you can view them online?! I don't mind watching the regular over the air local channels. I don't need satellite, local is fine with me. But even though there have been shows I've missed, I usually don't go and look for them to watch online. It's funny though, since working with my coworker, I've started looking for other shows to watch online, ones I've missed and new ones I haven't watched yet. It's been nice! Although, I could do without the advertisements. They are fewer in number and I don't have to hear about the best diet pills for women or see previews of scary movies or other shows I don't like, which is nice. Actually, right now I'm watching a show while typing up this post lol! Nice to multitask.

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