February 02, 2011


There have been a few days during the winter months when I have made the comment "it's bitter cold outside." But alas, I have been wrong. I didn't know what "bitter cold" was until yesterday. Not THAT was a bitter cold day! I stepped outside and almost completely froze. Now I've been outside when it's so cold that the snot in your nose freezes but that's different than what I experienced yesterday. This type of cold froze you to the bone, totally skipping your skin if you can imagine that. In seconds, I was shaking pretty good. It's almost scary because you're so cold you feel like you will never be warm again. Kind of crazy! I've always been pretty tolerable of the cold winter weather. My body gets used to is and I can wear a jacket outside without any problems. But not yesterday. Someone told me it got to -8 below zero. Brrrr! Now that's BITTER cold. I'll never mistake the two again, let me tell you! Today was however, a little warmer. I don't mind the cold, but the bitter cold is hard to digest. That's ok though. Life goes on. :D

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Promotional Pens said...

This winter has just been too cold. And, it's lasted way too long. It makes doing the daily basics that must harder... I'm ready for some sunshine and 80 degrees!