January 26, 2011

Where does this go? And this one?

My husband tries to help me figure out things that he always does. Let me explain. We have this digital camera that has this teeny tiny memory card and you have to put said memory card into this larger memory card holder thingy and then you can place that into your computer to download pictures and what not. How to get the card out of the camera and into the card holder thingy, as easy as it sounds, is not something I've done. Hubby has always done it. He could tell you what everything is called and how it works because he's more techie than I am. Today, I had to ask him what HDMI cables and he immediately told me and what it stood for. I was impressed. He amazes me with how much he knows and the things he remembers. I have figured out the camera thing so go me. Hooking up all the electronics to our TV, now that's another.

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