January 26, 2011

My thumbs hurt

Ok, so I work in physical therapy right? Right. So I do a lot of range of motion, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises and so on with patients right? Right. But where I work now I do something I never imagined I would be doing. Massage. Now it's not that I NEVER imagined I would do massages, I just never imagined I would be doing more than one EVERYDAY! Holy cow my hands get tired and sore after those kinds of days. Seriously, most of our patients get massages. Now before you think you should come in to where I work just for massage, you need to know something. We don't do the make you feel all warm and fuzzy massages. Nope, we do therapeutic massages. Meaning, something is limiting you from doing normal day to day things. Usually it's because you have tight muscles or knots. Sure, I warm up the tissues first but then I go deeper. My husband says I'm getting really good at finding knots and I'd like to think so too. Sometimes it's really easy because most people have knots in the same spots. Others, take a few minutes to find but I always do. While I was still in my program, massage was one of my biggest worries because I always felt like I did a crappy job. Guess it's a good thing I do them all the time now so I can get better right? LOL!

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