January 18, 2011

There comes a time

When you decide to stop stressing about things. I've decided to stop stressing about my acne. It comes and goes and with that some days are better than others. I'm like a lot of people when I have a ton of ugly acne on my face, it really bothers me. But hey, it's mainly my fault it's there so there's no point in getting mad at it because that's just like me, getting mad at me. Which doesn't make any sense right? That's what I was thinking. I could buy some acne treatment cream and try to clear it up. Then wait for it to come back and then use more cream. And repeat the cycle as needed. But really, I've decided to just leave it alone. Right now my focus is on being more healthy by having better eating habits and I know that will really help with my acne. So that's where I will start.

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