January 18, 2011


I had some youth over at my house because they wanted to make homemade ice cream and I knew someone who had a machine. My friends that let me borrow there's had brought me over some ice cream a few months ago and it was DELICIOUS! It was the best soft serve ice ever! I was hooked. So fast forward to now. I thought hey, the youth will love this! So we put everything together and mixed and mixed and mixed AND mixed. Holy cow, it took a lot of work. But it was worth it because I knew what the outcome would be - YUMMY ICE CREAM! We finished mixing it, I eagerly put some on a plate, and took a bite. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I about died, it was NASTY! Tasted like I was eating straight salt. I can still taste it. Ugh! I couldn't figure out why it turned out so badly and then my husband asked me if I had added sugar. Of course I did...n't. Argh! I can't believe I forgot the sugar! I felt like an idiot. Really? Who forgets the sugar?! We added it and tried to mix some more and it did help but it wasn't the same. Darn it! I was really looking forward to having delicious ice cream. But my sore arms will have to wait for another time. We'll be sure to add sugar then. :P


Crustacean Queen said...

hahah...oh that's classic! That is something I would do for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

As a fellow ice cream lover, I find this to be a very, very sad story!