January 26, 2011

Say what??

I went to prom twice. The first time was incredible. The second time was a disaster. But I think more about the first time. I was hoping to be asked by this one boy but I was still surprised he asked. I wasn't the cutest girl and I was tall and definitely not skinny. But he and I had so much fun together and I was stoked he asked me. Next to a great date I wanted a great dress. Nowadays I hear about girls making their own prom dresses and I'm floored. Dresses out of duct tape? Dresses out of garbage sacks? Wow, I never even thought. I had a friend make mine and I truly thought it was the prettiest dress I owned. I had another friend do my hair with lots of curls. The night of prom was the first night I really felt beautiful inside and out. To this day, it's still one of my favorite memories. :)

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