December 09, 2010

It isn't about the money

It's funny to talk to others about what they're getting their kids for Christmas. One lady told me she was going to buy an ipod shuffle for each of her kids. Those things are about $50 EACH! I don't know if she was looking at other ipod items or even read an ipod nano review. But that's what she was wanting to get for her family. I hear other people spending way more than that on one single gift and it's hard for me to fathom. I'd rather spend less money and get more gifts for my kids. I guess ultimately, it doesn't matter what you spend on gifts, you do what you can and kids will be excited either way. I know mine will be! I'm almost as excited if not more excited then they are for their Christmas presents lo!!

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Cami Jo said...

I'm the same way!!! That's one reason I shop on Black Friday. We usually have a pretty small budget compared to many people, for the kids on Christmas, and I find if I shop the sales I get WAY more out of the budget for them!!!

Okay...I feel like an idiot, but I lost your other blog address. Will you give it to me again....pretty please???