December 09, 2010

Changed route

I was driving along the other day and I had the option of going two different directions to my house. I was going to go with one route, which just happened to be a little shorter, but then I remembered something. There's a model home that way. A model home that I LOVE! I made the mistake to take a tour of it awhile ago with my family. We can't afford a home right now and so going into one that I fell in love with but couldn't buy, was hard to do. But I still love it! I couldn't tell you if it had details like pedestal sinks because all I can remember is how I loved the colors, how the rooms were arranged, the kitchen, the basement, and the garage. It's not the PERFECT house, but I could tweak it the way we would want without too much trouble. Now if only I could get it out of my head until the time comes we can actually afford a house lol!

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