December 17, 2010

Fun outing

I went on an overnight trip with a group of teenagers and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It's interesting listening to teenage girls talk and to hear what they discuss. When I'm around them I wonder if that's the way my daughters will turn out. All happy, chit-chatty, and bouncing off the walls lol. It was fun to watch and hear. Our little trip took us to a city out of state where we could go to a concert, do a little shopping, and watch a religious movie. At one point we found free parking and ended up walking around for awhile. I couldn't believe there were so many buildings around. Tall buildings, short buildings, metal buildings, glass buildings. I'm not used to a big city so it was quite the experience. It's one thing to see a city from far away but when you walk in the middle of downtown, it's pretty impressive. A fun trip for everyone!

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