December 01, 2010

I'm not doing well

I'm really not. This sleep deprivation is killing me. My youngest has never been a good sleeper and it's not getting any better. When she was younger, I was totally fine with her not sleeping through the night. Understandable for her age. But when we started to try and get her to sleep through the night, she got sick. So we waited for her to feel better. Then we'd try again. And she got sick again. So we waited again. Then we tried again, but then she got sick. Again. And we've been doing this round robin for months and I'm running on fumes. I can't think or talk straight both of which affects me and everyone around me on a daily basis. This isn't good. I could look at getting a natural sleep aid OR my baby could start sleeping through the night. Really. I'm totally on board with going longer than 2 hours before being awakened. Really, really. Now if only she knew that. :P

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