December 01, 2010

Finally getting somewhere

I have a lot on my to do list. Doesn't everyone?? But the last few months I've decided to be a do-er instead of a put-er-off-er. I've actually been able to get a lot more done with that kind of attitude. Go figure, you do what you need to and then you don't have as much to do lol! I had to get things done for a family Christmas party, I got a lot of done really early. I had to return some papers to a friend that I had held onto for months, finally got that done. I had some things to mail into that I kept putting off and it finally went in the mail today. It feels good to get things done! I still have other things to do, like a bunch of blankets I'm donating to our local hospital. I should probably take some time looking at the best acne products because my face looks crappy. I really really should start on making my family their Christmas pajamas. Yeah, Christmas is in a few weeks, yikes! One thing at a time, one thing at a time. I'll get there!

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