December 01, 2010


I'm making some headway on my being more healthy goal! It's take awhile to get back to this point but I'm doing a little better. I have a friend (thanks Cami!) who's been keeping up with me and the two of us are posting our goals and making reports on them and that's been such a huge help for me. Having to report back to someone really makes you think twice about things. I've asked a number of friends to join me but Cami has been the only one to follow through (you're awesome Cami!). What a huge difference that alone has made! I know I can look at the best weight loss products but what I really need is a listening ear and a friend to take the journey with me. I've tried to do this by myself and it hasn't worked so I'm stoked to have a buddy. I'm starting out really slow but at least I'm starting! I'm actually pretty stoked about it. Go me!

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