December 06, 2010

Almost here!

Did you know Christmas is only 19 days away?!?! I'm glad we have almost all of our Christmas shopping done. There are only a few presents left we have to buy with the kids and we'll be set. The best part, all the presents we do have are ALL READY WRAPPED! Shocking I know! Usually we wait until Christmas Eve to wrap them and I get pretty grumpy staying up late to wrap for hours. I'm tired and want to go to bed early, not stay up late. So this year, with my do-er attitude, I decided to get it done early. So the other day my husband and I stayed up late and wrapped everything. Minus those few gifts left to buy, everything got done woohoo! What a relief to only have to grab them and set them under the tree on Christmas Eve. I can go to bed early yay! The downside to wrapping early is after we were done, we wanted Christmas to be the next day lol! But we can wait. The girls are going to love what we bought for them and we can't wait to see the faces light up! Merry Christmas everyone!

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