December 17, 2010


I love funny commercials. I know the main reason commercials play is so that you get information about a company. But the commercials I remember, are the funny ones. I just watched one recently about car insurance companies, well one in particular, State Farm. I'd have to find the video (which I am sure you can Google) but in it were a boyfriend and girlfriend standing beside the car and apparently, the boyfriend had backed into another car. The girlfriend was upset and the boyfriend rolls his eyes and said "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" and then an insurance agent popped into view and said she would take care of the problem for them. The girlfriend is shocked and says ok and asks if she can have a new boyfriend and her boyfriend turns into this much more handsome all-muscle man. So the boyfriend asks for a new girlfriend and she turns into his vision of a hot girlfriend. Anyway, you'd probably have to see it to really know how funny it was. That commercial will stick with me for awhile lol!

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