January 02, 2011

Happy new year!

It's 2011!!!! I just balanced the check and my house is clean and all the Christmas decorations will come down this week. Bring on the new year!! Are you excited? I am! Although I love every year so it's nothing new for me lol. But it's nice that you can reflect back on what you've done and haven't done and what you hope for this year. For instance, I'm excited to pay off some things year woohooo! I'm also excited for, no not wireless cctv cameras, but my husband getting one step closer to graduation! He's ready to be done and I'm ready for him lol! January is in full swing and I'm ready for it and the new year. I'm making a new list of things I want to accomplish but I've decided to do a month-to-month list instead of one long list for the whole year. Should be fun! Happy new year and a happy 12 months and 365 days to you!

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