December 09, 2010

We are done!

We are finally done with our Christmas shopping and it's not the week of Christmas! I am both shocked and excited! Usually we finish up the week of the holiday and I feel stressed doing it that close. But not this year, woohoo! It feels AWESOME to be done! The last few gifts still need to be wrapped and those will be done soon too. I'm really liking my do-er attitude because so many things are getting done! Go figure lol. And by getting these things done, I can focus on other things. Who knew that all you had to do to get your to-do list done was to do it! And do it early, it's less stressful that way. I need a lot of less stress these days and this has helped big time. So, if you want less stress this holiday, get things done early. I promise it will help. :)

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