October 06, 2010

So ready!

I am SO ready for this time of year! Spring is my favorite season but fall is a close second. I love that the weather cools and the leaves on the trees start turning colors. I especially love all the holidays! I like Halloween because my kids get so excited about it and it's fun to come up with new homemade costumes. I love Thanksgiving and making food and watching the Macy's Day Parade and the dog show. I love Black Friday, which really isn't a holiday, but kind of is in it's own way. And of course I love Christmas too! Remembering the Saviors, listening and singing to Christmas music, making snow angels and building snowmen, the Christmas spirit and cheer, and decorating our home and all the lights! SO FUN! I love the way I feel this time of year and I love all the extra family time together celebrating the holidays together. It's a special time of year and I'm thrilled it's here already!!!

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