October 06, 2010


Perhaps one day, in the not too off future, we can buy fun toys. Like jet skiis and 4 wheelers. I loved them as a kid and it would be fun for my kids to have the same opportunity and experience them. It's not a big deal if we end up not being able to buy them because they are pretty pricey. Thousands of dollars on fun not to mention all the maintenance, license fees, and you maybe have to get ATV Tires for the 4 wheeler or a whole new engine for a jet ski. Yeah, not exactly pocket change prices! Who knows though. It might happen and we would have a blast, but if not, I'm sure we'll still be able to find something else that's fun to do together as a family. Maybe we could go on vacation and be able to rent those things and it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg! LOL

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