September 22, 2010

Totally exhausted

For months now I haven't slept. Having a new baby will do that to a person. Yet, I don't remember it being this bad? Yeah, you're probably going to tell me that's why people end up having more children because we all forget things like how hard labor is, the lack of sleep, and the around the clock feedings. No, I remembered all those things, I just don't remember feeling exhausted all day every day.

I'm pretty sure it's because I have to get up early to and get everyone ready in an hour because one child is in school. Plus, when I have to work and trying to shuffle kids between me and hubby can get tricky. So there's a lot involved there. Plus, all the other appointments and things we have to do on a regular basis. Not to mention at night, after the kids are all down in bed, I have to do things for work and study up on a variety of topics. So going to bed late, getting up a few times with the baby, getting up early, and running around all day. Ok, so THAT'S why I'm exhausted all the time.

Well, now that I know, what am I going to do about it....LOL

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