September 22, 2010

Since we're on the topic...

Since we're on the topic of exercise, here's something I'm thinking about. I know there are a lot of best weight loss supplement guides and reviews online. I've seen a number of them. Yes, I have a gym membership and I do go. But what about the exercise DVD's I own? Do I get rid of them? Do I still use them in conjunction with working out at the gym? I'm not really sure. Maybe I'll get rid of the ones I never use and keep the ones I've used off and on. That seems like a reasonable idea. Some of them are really good and after I use them I can tell they burned something because everywhere hurts lol! Kind of like the gym now that I think about it. I used the bench press last time and my pecs and triceps hurt for almost a week! At least I'm doing something. :)

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