September 01, 2010


I like to clean. I don't LOVE to clean but I don't mind it. I love the feeling of a clean and orderly home, I always have. And I like to clean even more when I have products that are easy to use. So, when I received a new cleaning product to try out, I was pretty excited. The product I received was a pair of sponges. Right away I liked that they fit perfectly in my hand because it made them easy to use. I tried a sponge on my clarinet that's been sitting in it's case for the last few years. It was dry so I added a little water. I was not impressed honestly, because there wasn't a change in the way my clarinet looked and the sponge started to fall a part. I wasn't scrubbing hard on the keys but apparently enough to have little pieces of come off. So then, I tried it on my stainless steel bathroom sink faucet hoping a different surface would make a difference and it worked better. It took off the water spots and the smudge prints. I thought hey, this looks nice, I wonder how it would work on the bathtub drain. A little while ago we were cleaning with bleach in the tub and it made a weird black stain on the drain. After a few scrubs with the sponge, 80% of the blackness came off. I was stoked! I'd tried a few different things but nothing got more off than this sponge did. And I also tried it on my dishes and those too turned out well. Overall, it worked pretty well. It's not one I'd say you could use a lot, but you'd definitely get a few good uses out of it before needing a new one. :)


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