August 19, 2010

A fun tired

We've been doing quite a bit of traveling recently and it takes quite a toll on your body. Beforehand, we had planned out our schedules and made appropriates times for when we'd need a place to stay or just some downtime between trips. But sometimes, things don't go as planned. Our first day out we were supposed to come home that night and grab everything we needed for the following day, and then continue driving that same night. Nope, the baby was exhausted and so were we. Although I didn't mind sleeping on my mattress bed versus a hard floor at family's in a sleeping bag. So for the next night, instead of driving home, we made arrangements to stay with family and that worked out really well. Initially we were planning to drive all the way home but that night, we had had it and barely made it to a relative's before crashing. But it was good, a good kind of fun tired!

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