August 16, 2010

That time again

School starts next week. YIKES! Which means this week is going to be cRaZy! Usually the week prior is a bit hectic for us but this week is exceptionally hectic. On top of trying to figure out schooling fees and all that fun stuff. We're also going to be gone a lot. I have a potential job interview to see if I'm interested in this company and if they like me. Plus, I have an appointment with an online college to look at finishing my bachelor's degree. Then we were going to take the girls to a zoo we haven't been to in awhile. Then hubby and I wanted to go to the temple and then spend some time with family.

That's all out of town but when it's done, we're headed out of town again to see some family and friends and take a quick little vacation. We haven't really done much in the vacation department this summer so I know the girls will love what we have planned. And I get to meet an online friend for the first time, woohoo! After that, back home to finish our school stuff and our daughter's. Oh yeah, and I need to finish studying for my test. Did I mention that was next week? Eeekkkk!

So yeah, crazy week. And yet, here I am blogging. LOL

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