July 14, 2010

Many down, many to go

I still have not found anything to help my daughter's skin. She has eczema and it's pretty bad. We've tried so many different things but her skin is only getting worse. Our latest tactic was seeing a dermatologist thinking maybe he would recommend some eczema lotion or cream we haven't tried. Nope, just a series of steroids which I haven't been happy with. Her eczema has been so bad that I have been using the steroids more but in the past month, I've noticed her skin gets worse when we don't use the steroid ointment. Talk about heading in the wrong direction. So, I'm in search of something new, once again. I hope I can find something better for her and soon.

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Kara said...

I'm sorry nothing is helping :( We are using Locoid lipocream on Nathan's and that works really well. Have you tried cutting out milk? I know that makes Nathan's worse.