July 14, 2010

I need a buddy

I'm trying to do this weight loss thing on my own but it's hard. Really hard. I'd love to find a buddy who I can talk to and work on this with but I haven't yet. Maybe I need to hear some weight loss stories to help me a long. Those are always inspiring! I have started working toward getting some more runs in each week, from zero to three lol. I'm trying to eat a more balanced diet and restrict myself from eating in the evenings. The one thing I haven't really worked hard on is keeping track of my calories. It's such a pain! lol I guess that's the one area I should work harder on because I'm pretty sure that's where the majority of my problem lies. So here's to working hard on being more healthy!

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Cami Jo said...

I'll be your buddy!!!!! It is a constant thing I have to worry about ....like everyday! I love to exercise, but the problem for me is I also love to eat! Sugar, white flour, you name it, I probably like it! Remember my health blog? You should do it with me. Everybody...well almost everybody dropped out...but I still want to talk to people about how and what they are doing to be healthy. If I have to tell someone how I did, I usually do a better job. If I know somebody is checking up on me, I do better too! So....can I be your buddy???!!! Hey- how fast did you run your 10k? I think just doing it is awesome! And yes, I've thought about doing a 1/2 marathon, but I'm not sure my body could handle it. I guess most of it's mental, but after a long run, I get shin splints still. I think I could work up to it though! Anyway, sorry...this is forever long!...anyway, we were thinking about taking the kids to the zoo sometime soon. James family...or at least his parents....wanted to go with us sometime too, so James and I decided it would be perfect to go next Thursday, and then we could meet up for a little while. What time are you guys going? Also...I found out that if you have 4 empty packages of Cache valley cheese or butter, you get a free ticket. I think you can get up to 4 free tickets. Just in case you wanted to do it, I thought I'd let you know. Anyway, email or call me and we'll plan something! Thanks Michelle!