June 06, 2010

Random topics

I was talking to my dad on the phone tonight about a bunch of random topics. It seemed like we'd be talking about one thing and then in a few minutes we'd switch to something completely different. One thing we were talking about was if he still had a job next school year where he's a teacher. He said he did but he was thinking about what to do, whether or not he should or could retire. The thing holding him back was finding some type of insurance, whether it was term life insurance or health insurance or dental insurance I'm not sure, but something that wasn't so expensive he couldn't afford to put money towards something else. I felt bad at the possibility that he may not be able to retire. You'd think when you got to a certain age you could relax a little instead of having to continue to worry about your finances. Just goes to show how important it is to plan a head of time/

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