June 06, 2010

Getting closer and closer

I'm getting closer to being completely unpacked! Woohoo! My motivation is coming and going in spurts so I'm making progress at least. My mom will be coming up soon so I need to finish up so she has a place to stay instead of having to move around a ton of boxes. There really isn't much left, just some boxes filled with filling cabinets papers and folders and a bunch of things for our desk. I still don't have all of the girls' toys out and they've been anxiously waiting for those. (They do have some toys out, I'm not being mean keeping them from them lol!)

It's funny thinking about all the times we've moved. It's been a lot and each time it seems like we do it better and better. This time we packed everything up in the shortest amount of time, 2 whole days. But the unpacking is taking longer. I think the fastest we've unpacked is in less than a week. But we have everything we need out, so that's probably why I haven't gone through the rest yet. But, I should have it all done this week and then no more to do! So that will be awesome. :D

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