June 06, 2010


A weekend ago my girls ended up with pink eye. We've never had it before so I had to look up what to do for it. I did end up calling the on call doctor because their eyes were so bad. That was a mistake. He was actually pretty rude to me. He said "hello" in a grumpy voice and at first I thought I had called the wrong number so I asked his name which he acted like he wasn't happy with having to answer. Yes, it was a Saturday but he was on call, don't you expect to um, be called? It's like if you worked for a 24 hour towing company, you're going to get called outside of regular business hours. When I asked about their eyes he pretty much told me to keep an eye (ha ha, see the pun?) on them and they would be fine then hung up. Well thanks doc, I kind of figured that part out on my own lol! Oh well, they're all better now, so no worries.

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