May 17, 2010

It flew out the window

My attitude that is. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. First, I got to bed way too late. That was my fault. Second, the baby seemed to be up almost every hour last night which meant I hardly slept. Third, I couldn't sleep in because dear hubby started his summer school semester and had to leave early. Fourth, I called my sister to see how she was doing and got a very superficial-boring-frustrating conversation. Fifth, my landlord stopped by and told me she wasn't sure if we would still be able to move out this week. Sixth, I'm exhausted and it's too late to nap. Seventh...I don't know, there's probably something but I can't think anymore lol. Hubby brought home some chocolate and that was nice. It helped me feel a little better. So glad to have him home, he makes me feel better too. :)

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Emmalie (or fondly Emma) said...

So where is it you are moving to? I must know...still in Idaho I presume. Have to tell you, we just got on Section 8 as well (are you still on that?) So darn exciting. And much cheaper. Love it!
P.S. Chocolate and Ice Cream seems to make everything better and of course a movie that can make you cry, like The Notebook, or A Walk To Remember, or Tarzan. Everything makes me cry though. Danny is always laughing at me. Love when he tears up too.