April 21, 2008

Never second guess yourself

I'm going to be completely serious as something very serious happened at my apartment complex tonight. First, I'm not posting this to get sympathy, only to warn and educate others.

My husband came home from work before 10pm. As he was walking towards our apartment, he saw a man kneeling down in front of a window by one of the lower apartments. The man saw him and took off. My husband came inside and told me what happened. I told him to go over to that apartment and tell the single mom that lives there, what had happened.

He did and as he was coming home he saw the same man walking away from our complex but staring at him. When my husband came inside I asked what had happened and he told me he saw the same guy walking away. He then had to take a phone call.

During his call, I was completely uneasy. I kept asking myself "should we call the police?" I wanted to but justifications started coming into my head "no, he might have known the person" and "we've never seen him before, this was just a one time occurrence." Then I thought about how this man saw my husband, knew what he looked like, and where we lived. My uneasiness made me feel sick and I realized we needed to do something.

My husband called the police to let them know what he saw. Not even ten minutes later, we heard some scuffling outside and the same man my husband saw prowling around, had been apprehended. The police later came to us to get a statement.

Yes, this was very scary and even though nothing happened, something could have. NEVER take that chance and justify an incident like this! We were told the man was not drunk, so he was aware of what he was doing. Who knows if there would have been worse consequences if we hadn't called the police.

Please, to anyone who reads this, take action immediately. It really is better to be safe than sorry. Thank goodness nothing else happened.


Kara said...

Scary! He definitely sounds suspicious. I'm glad you called the police and they got him before he could do anything.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you followed the promptings and he was caught.

Beth said...

Wow, that's really scary! Glad you are okay. Thanks for the post and the warning. My husband is one who has called 911 to report things before (erratic driving, carbon monoxide detector going off, fire in the bushes that we noticed while driving by) ... never were we dismissed as "that's not worth calling 911 over;" they appreciated it, actually. They really are there to help!

Kami said...

That is terribly frightening! Glad he was caught and nothing happened to you or the mother.

Thanks for stopping by!