April 22, 2008

Andrea Borcelli

Kara had commented in this post that she didn't know who Andrea Borcelli was. So, considering he is my favorite music artist, and figuring there were others who didn't know who he was, let me tell you a little about him.

Born in Tuscany, he was inspired by opera and traditional Italian music. Although he graduated with a degree in law, his love, passion, and desire for music prevailed. His music is well known and incredibly popular. The release of the album "Sacred Arias" was the biggest selling album by any classical soloist. Yes, he is blind as you will see from the videos below, but it only makes what he does better.

But enough about that, let's talk about his music. His music is beautiful and elegant, it makes it hard for me to describe. So I've posted to clips below for you to listen to. The first is more widely known, "The Prayer," and the second is another of my favorites, "Time To Say Goodbye." Take a few moments, relax, and enjoy!

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Jen said...

Beautiful! I've heard the second song before but had no idea who sang it. I can see why he'd be a favorite.
Hey, I tagged you for a good old fashioned meme :)