April 19, 2008

It's starting to click

Miss J has been playing soccer for a month now and today was the first time I think she actually got the concept. She does well during practice and likes to run with the ball and knows how to throw it in from out of bounds. Over the past few weeks she has become better about handling the ball and aiming for the goal. One of the girls on the team along with Miss J have lately, done more goofing off than listening lol, but she's had fun.

But even if she had a good practice during the week, on game day, she seemed pretty clueless. Her coach is always on the field helping the kids (the ages are 3-5) and she likes to stick close to him. It didn't matter if the ball was right in front of her, she'd just stare it at. Instead of running, she more or less "trotted" across the field and preferred to sit on the sidelines with me. She never tried to get the ball and would only be interested in "playing" for about 30 minutes.

But today was a complete turn around! She actually ran almost the whole game, which was an hour. She also got the ball FOUR times! I was so excited! She seemed pretty happy with herself too. :) It funny because usually she gets pushed out of the way and today she started pushing back. At first she was doing it to get the ball and then she started pushing anyone around her whether she had the ball or not. Uh, oops. lol So other than working on proper soccer etiquette, she did really well. My sweet little girl was a champ today and I'm a proud mommy. :)


Ginabear said...

Well if she is anything like her mom, watch out little girls!! hehe I am glad she and you are having so much fun!

Jen said...

How fun! Now you have to teach her to bite ankles like Gina does, hee hee.