December 27, 2007

Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

It's been awhile since I've been so caught up in a book series. The last series I read start to finish was Harry Potter. But I kept hearing about this author, Stephenie Meyer. The first time I heard about her books was from a woman in the mall. She mentioned how great it was but as soon as she said the word "vampire" I was immediately turned off. Something about people sucking blood from other people that didn't settle with me.

So that was probably a year ago and although I didn't think much about it, I kept hearing good reviews about the Twilight books. I kept thinking "how can a book about vampires be so good?" It wasn't until last week when my SIL brought her copies over for us to read. Again, vampires? No, I don't think so. But Saturday night I was really bored so I grabbed the first book, Twilight, and dove in. I. Loved. It.

The first book is by far my favorite of the three. Yes, it's about vampires but it's not about the kind that sleep in coffins and only come out during the nighttime. It's about a vampire named Edward and his family. Edward meets a girl named Bella and despite how dangerous it is for them to be together, they only fall more in love. It's not anything like what you think vampires would be, which is probably why I found it so captivating to read. I couldn't put the first book down and read it in a few hours. The second book, New Moon, was the same way and I finished it on Sunday. The third book, Eclipse, took a little longer due to the holiday but I finished it Christmas night.

I'm glad I had all three because I would have gone insane waiting for the sequels. The next one won't come until Fall of 2008, but I have my fill for now. The books are geared towards young adults which makes them an easy read but they are lengthy, around 500 pages each. The only negative things I have to say about these books (which are similar to Beth's) is the idea that it's ok to lie to your parents, how easy it is to fall so deeply in love (we're talking hours), and how even though it's incredibly dangerous to be with this person it's ok because you're in love. That's messed up, but where I'm an adult and I see how wrong that is, the books aren't going to affect me negatively. I am, however, a little worried how some young adults, girls especially, might perceive these ideas and accept them as a-ok. It's not something I want my girls reading anytime soon, just for those reasons.


Kara said...

I'm supposed to pick up Twilight that I have on hold at the library :)

Beth said...

I feel famous. :-)

Glad you enjoyed the books!

Katie said...

My sister has been going on and on about these books as well, but I haven't read them either because of the whole vampire thing! Glad to know it's not all icky stuff. Thanks for the review.

Qtpies7 said...

I wouldn't let my children read those kinds of morals either. We read Beverly Lewis books about the Amish. They do things in secret, but when they break God's rules, they end up paying for it in some way. That is the kind of moral I want my dd to read about. Plus the books are so good you CANNOT put them down until you are done!