December 27, 2007

Injuries while driving

We traveled out of town on Christmas day and we saw a few wrecks. It’s never easy driving on snowy and icy roads, but we always try to be careful. I feel sad when we see someone off the road and the police are there trying to help. You think to yourself “that could have been me.” The saddest part has to be when you’re driving cautiously but someone else who is driving recklessly ends up hitting you and you get hurt. Some people say well it wasn’t my fault, the roads were bad. Uh, if you had been driving more carefully, this could have been prevented. That’s where lawyers come in handy, to make sure that if you get an injury, you receive compensation for what happened. Like the New Jersey attorneys and the ones here in my town, when someone is in the wrong, the situation should be taken care of the right way.

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