November 07, 2007

If you like string cheese and turkey...

Do not continue to read this post. Seriously. My husband wouldn't even let me tell him about my experience when I started to relate it to food. lol

So, another week, another anatomy and physiology lab and another set of cadavers. Our topic this week is on muscles and we need to memorize a bunch of them. I guess they thought it would be helpful to actually see the muscles which is why we had cadavers to look at. It wasn't too bad this time around maybe I'm getting used to them. I still wouldn't touch the bodies to find each muscle but I did glance at them. There was one cadaver that has ruined food for me. She looked like over cooked turkey that had been sitting out on the table too long. I won't be eating turkey anytime soon. Then I saw my daughter tearing apart her string cheese and that looked like what we do during a dissection. So no string cheese anytime soon either. :P

Oh the adventures I have. lol

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Ginabear said...

OMG!! This made me laugh sooo hard and grossed out my kids at the same time!! Thanks for sharing your yuckiness with us!