October 15, 2007

Bugs have Mondays too

I'm sitting here at school in my own little cubicle. Right in front of me is a box elder bug. Now box elder bugs don't bother me near as much as other bugs, but I'd still rather be sitting here without one walking around.

He (or she, I haven't checked for gender, maybe I should because if it was a she maybe she would get her buggy hormones racing and fly at me and attack) tried to climb up over into the next cubicle but one leg didn't quite make it. I thought about helping, but that involves me touching him. Of course I just came from a formaldehyde lab room so how many germs could this guy have?

Oh look, he fell. Now to see if he's still alive....oh yay, he's moving, towards me. He did fall feet first. Did you know box elder bugs fell feet first? I didn't, but then again I only have one bug for research. Now he's in a staring contest with me. See, maybe it is a girl. These are death rays I tell you. I'm trying not to notice. There he, er she, goes. I think it's limping.

Hey leave my coat alone! Crud, I need to save my coat. He must be having one of those Mondays, taking all of his anger out on me. I suppose it could be misdirected anger. You know, bad box elder bug upbringing. I shouldn't judge. Ahhh my coat!!


Ginabear said...

Haha, you crack me up! Come to my house, its covered in what Jen told me were box elders. I have found a few in my bathtub on their backs struggling like turtles to flip over...ooops I'm sorry...you dont know how to swim on your back. Watch out for the drain whirlpool.....ahhhhhhhhhh :)

Kate said...

Heehee . . . so . . . did you rescue your coat?

Beth said...

Hee hee! You are so cute, Michelle. :-)

Mama Pajama said...

You are so funny. Also, I've tagged you for the "What Inspires You to Blog" meme.