October 16, 2007

Bad mommy :(

Today was preschool day and I was in charge of treats. Along with some grapes and cheese, I decided to make no bake cookies. I tried to do everything right. I made half of the batch with peanut butter and half without, for my daughter who is allergic to peanuts. Well, we all were eating our cookies when said daughter found a little piece of cookie on the ground. Kara was here and even she said something about her being able to eat it or not. I, however, didn't even think twice and said it was ok.

Sure enough, the cookie she grabbed had peanut butter in it and she broke into hives. I felt sick to my stomach. I'm usually so good about this kind of thing. I'm kicking myself for not realizing that it could have been one of the other cookies. I mean Kara did, I should have! I feel like the worst mother ever and even worse that my friend had to see my big mistake. :(

Thankfully Kara was there, because she let me borrow her car to rush to the dr. By the time we got there my girl need a shot of epinephrine. She didn't like it but she did pretty well. The dr asked what happened and I broke down because it was my fault. He was really nice and said accidents happen but I know I could have prevented this.

She's fine now, bless her heart. I'm not going to forget again.


Beth said...

I'm so sorry that happened and so glad she's okay. But it WAS an accident, Michelle! You are not a bad mommy; you just had a momentary brain freeze (that happens to all of us; in my case, it caused me to leave the sunroof of the car open last night -- fortunately we are no worse for the wear, despite the rain we got!) Then you did all you could to make sure she was safe (something a GOOD mother does!)

*big hugs* Sorry for the scare; that makes for a rough day!

Kara said...

(((hugs))) You aren't a bad mommy. I feel bad for not saying something more when she picked it up, like "Wait, peanut butter!!!" or something. We all make mistakes. I don't think I told you about not knowing where my half-naked Toddler was the other day and having a stranger bring him home from way down the road. Talk about bad mommy moments. :)

Jen said...

*BIG HUGS!* You are NOT even capable of being a bad mommy Michelle. It's a new thing for you to have to think about, mistakes are bound to be made, it happens. Thankfully you have a dr. close and a friend who had a car to borrow you. I just want you to know that I think that you have been an AMAZING mom to your beautiful little girls!

Natalie said...

That must've been so scary for you both! Stuff happens, you are not a bad mommy!

Kate said...

not, Not, NOT a bad mommy . . . a HUMAN mommy who makes mistakes . . . and yes, you'll do your best to make sure this doesn't happen again . . . that's what a GOOD mommy does . . . learns from the mistakes she WILL make and becomes a better mommy because of it!
*GREAT BIG HUGS for you and Miss J*

Rich said...

Michelle I know that tuesday are the day that you are realy bussy with pre school, baby sitting, and taking care of your own children. Rember that "it is not the defeats that matter it is the victory in the end that counts". You are not a bad mom in fact you are a great mom to do all that you do and still try and improve yourself. Do not let yourself for a second think that you are not cut out for the tasks ahead of you I know you and what you are capable of. Everyone will have bad days, sometimes its weeks, the point is you continue to grow and keep improveing your self, and when the victory comes you will look back and smile to see just how much you have grown. But for the hear and now just know that Im hear for you whenever you need a hug or a sholder to cry on.