September 11, 2007

Little Ian

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I want to tell you a little about a wonderful family I know, the Pearson's. They are a cute little family with two children. This year particularly has been a rough one for them. They had their second child, a little boy earlier this year. Sadly he needed heart surgery soon after birth. He's had a lot of good days since then but he still has some problems. Right now he's back in the hospital and may need more surgery and possibly a heart transplant. You can read updates on Ian by going here.

Everything this sweet family has been going through has touched and broken my heart. I cannot fathom the emotional rollercoaster ride they've been on. So I wanted to make the above banner (with help from Kara - thank you!) and let people know about the Pearson's situation.

You are more than welcome to use the banner on your own website. Feel free to stop over at their blog and offer your support too. I know they would appreciate it.

Ian and family, we love you! *HUGS*

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