September 12, 2007

A Quick Quack

My oldest has two new favorite phrases that just kill me. Her first and my favorite, is "are you kidding me!" along with a quizzical expression and hands out. She probably picked this one up from me, but she is much cuter. I love when she says it to her younger sister. LOL

Her second phrase is "Mommy, can I ask you a question?" then she proceeds to hand me something. I don't think she's grasped the concept of question-asking but it makes me smile nonetheless. :)


Beth said...

Aww, that sounds really cute!

Jen said...

Awwww! Cute stuff! Personally I think she's been haging out with Gina too much lately, because just this morning that phrase was going through my head, and I thought, "Where did I pick that up from?" and then it occurred to me that I got it from Gina. So I bet that's it. ;)

Ginabear said...

what phrase did she get from me?? I deny all involvement;)