July 06, 2007

Just what I need

I think 5 Minutes for Mom is my new favorite website. They are having yet another giveaway! When will the free stuff ever end! Hopefully never, lol. This giveaway is for a NeatReceipts Scanalizer. I've never heard of this product but I'm already in love with it. You can scan anything from receipts to magazine articles to your children's artwork. I could really use this for my receipts. I tend to get a bunch that I don't throw away so they just pile up. Scanning them into my computer would make my life much easier. I would also love to scan recipes. I have a big stack of ripped-out-of-magazines recipes that I'd love to put them all into one file on my computer. So here's to hoping I win one of these 10 free Scanalizers! Make sure you join by July 12th!

1 comment:

Lei said...

NICE! We currently own a huge thang. I hate lugging it out (it's too big to keep out allt he time).