September 05, 2013

Feeling bad for them

Went to back to school night and learned a little about the new "common core standards" that school districts are to be implementing.  First, it's confusing because the schools, at least our school, doesn't have all the instructions they need to implement the program.  They were talking about grades and how instead of using letter grades, there will be "targets" set.  So on our child's 6 week progress notes, we will see MT (met target), NT (near target), or BT (below target).  Sounds ok except that our teachers don't know what the "targets" are yet.  Yep, they haven't even been told. Ugh! I feel so bad for them. They don't get paid enough as it is and now they have all this to deal with too.  I was told because I school adopted into this they received extra federal funding. Which any money for schools is HUGE these days, so I can't blame them for wanting some help, but they should have at least been taught what to do BEFORE school started.  I wonder what the extra money will be used for, probably something good.  I know two years ago our school got a new PA system which was hugely needed.  Might have been a good kustom pw50 at wwbw?  It's been great for our school.  I know our school will put any extra money to good use, they always seem too!  Now if only there was enough to give the teachers raises...

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