May 20, 2013


Thursday, I went into work for a work lunch get together.  I walked in the door and saw all of our gym equipment in the halls and in other rooms.  I was definitely surprised.  I found my boss and asked what was going on and she said our floor was getting waxed.  Ok.  So we had our lunch and afterwards, I was talking to my boss and getting ready to leave and then a thought came to me.  For the last year, I have heard from a lot of people at my workplace that our gym needed to be painted.  At one time we even had approval to do it but no did anything about it.  So I thought why not paint it now?  Everything is out of the way and if we got everyone to help, it wouldn't take long.  So my boss went to her boss and he said sure.  We then went and picked out wall colors and got that approved.  We asked all of our coworkers if they could help and everyone said yes.  Friday rolled around and it was time to start.  3 people showed up.  Me, my boss, and a student who didn't even have to be there.  The student stayed with us for four hours and my boss and I kept at it for another 4.5 hours.  Saturday we went back and painted for 12 hours.  Just the three of us again.  Sunday we spent a few more hours.  Total: 25.5 hours of us painting.  Ridiculous!  There were other people who could have helped but chose not too.  It would have gone so much quicker if everyone had helped.  I am so tired and sore I could cry.  But our gym looks fantastic and it feels good that I could be a part of it.  So that's a plus!  It's been a crazy 3 day though!

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