January 17, 2013

Ready to go...almost

I am excited thinking about going camping with my family as the weather warms up.  Even though we have a new addition, I'm pretty sure our tent will fit us all.  We don't have any of the Big Agnes tents but just one we bought from Wal-Mart.  I think it's an Ozark??  Anyway, it works great and is bigger than others we've had in the past.  The kids love it and love going camping.  My favorite part is that we're all in the outdoors, enjoying nature, and eating out of Dutch ovens. Getting away from the city, computers, TV, radio, everything really helps bring you back to what really matters.  Time with family without distractions.  Even though there's plenty of snow outside right now and below zero temperatures, I know it won't last forever and things will warm up!  Can't wait!!

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