August 08, 2012

Almost over

I have been enjoying watching the Olympics.  Have you stayed tuned since the games started?  I have the TV on almost every day watching all the events.  I just watched the awesome duo Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh win their 3rd Olympic gold medal.  Those two are FANTASTIC!  I'm always impressed with how well they play.  I love watching and playing volleyball.  Such a fun sport!  I'm proud of Misty and Kerri for winning another gold but I'm sad Misty is retiring.  It will be very strange watching Kerri play with a different teammate.  I hope it works out for her.

Other than volleyball, I've been watching the track and field events.  Those runners are incredible.  I'm watching them run and their times are so fast!  Watching them run one lap around the track in less than a minute, compared to my 3 minutes, is wicked fast in my book.  I don't see myself ever running that fast but maybe shaving a minute or so off my time.  That's more feasible to me.  Good for those runners though, they've trained so hard and have accomplished so much.  They should feel really good about being at the Olympics and I'm sure most if not all of them are.

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