July 30, 2012

They're here!

The Olympics have come!  I love watching the Olympics, especially the summer one!  My favorite sports to watch have to be the gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball.  I get excited when the USA does really well and I feel crushed when they don't.  I don't know anyone personally in the Olympics but I feel like they are family anyway.  When you have a family member do well, you are so happy for them!  When they don't do well, you feel their pain too.  That's how I feel when I watch.  During the men's gymnastics the other day, one of the American's fell off the high bar and landed on his side.  OUCH.  I could tell he was devastated and I feel awful for him.  Or when I watch the women's gymnastics and one of the girls didn't make the all-around competition and started to cry, I wanted to cry too.  You just want your country to do well and it's a huge bummer when they don't.  One of these times I want to go see the Olympics in person.  Now that would be a neat experience wouldn't it?!  So stoked there's over a week left of the games!

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